Thursday, 20 January 2011


To cut a very long story short my van went onto 3 cylinders 50 miles from home coming back from France at the end of June so the following week i took it to my local "mechanic" to sort out. After much messing about with injectors etc the head was lifted to reveal a cracked exhaust valve, nice easy fix. No. Had a couple of new valves fitted then found the turbo was wrecked, a bit of exhaust valve had been rattling round in it so i had to source another one. After much prodding, the guy who was doing the job (with ever diminishing enthusiasm) finally got it back together but it wouldnt go, there was something wrong with the pump. Tried to find another pump but everyone i speak to tells me something different and it becomes apparent that my bloke knows fuck all about them which is marginally more than me.
During the sorry saga the thing ran out of MOT so i have now reverted to my original plan b of last year, break it up, but modern diesel vans are the work of Satan, to take them to bits you need several small children each with 3 hands. I have another Transit now but if this ever happens again i will set fire to it and happily watch it burn to a crisp.
If you need Transit parts (2002 2.0 FWD SWB Low Roof) come to me
*Van Aerial Disease; Old schoolboy joke. not funny.


Hugo said...

I once read this somewhere.
"Transit Van, Backbone of England"
Some call it evolution...

Pete Stansfield said...

I have had vans for 30 years and have never had any big mechanical problems, i suppose it was just my turn !.