Wednesday, 12 January 2011


These dusty discs and stone age Sony provide my workshop sounds. I usually listen to the radio but if i am doing a bit of mens work (grinding, cutting and hitting things) i feed it a few CDs and hope it works. Last month when it was minus whatever i tried to play Trout Mask Replica but after 5 minutes it had only got 30 seconds in, trouble is with Captain Beefheart its hard to tell sometimes if its stuck or not.
This morning it peformed like a good 'un, no electronic experimental bollocks today, started with Jamie Ts Panic Prevention then Staind (what happened to Aaron Lewis or Fred Durst come to that?), QoSA Songs for the Deaf, The Cure live in Paris and Finally The Black Keys.


ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Songs for the Deaf is one of the best albums ever made. Fact.

Pete Stansfield said...

Music from KLONE radio...too right Adam. I can put 6 discs in my (should have put iron age) machine, Songs for the Deaf is usually one of them.