Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Eagle F1 tyre off Damon Hill's Williams, used in 1993 at a test session at Silverstone. You can still read "Hill test SS" but its very faint. All tyres had to go back to Goodyear but i knew someone who worked at Silverstone Rally School and he got me a couple. Make a nice coffee table or hang on the workshop wall £30. SOLD

Early 1970s Castrol banner, huge, approx 15 x 3 (feet). Dirty as its been hanging in my workshop for 20 odd years but would clean up to put in the living room. £40.

70s Top half race fairing, good sound condition. £60.SOLD

Beautiful 60s Dolphin fairing with sculptured sides, ive been keeping this to put on a chop but it just hangs there and i bang my head on it. Really good sound condition very substantial. Build something awesome. £60.SOLD

BSA A10 Rear hub with St/St spokes on to 3.5" x 16" Akront alloy rim, the brake plate is good and has been used, everything else even the hub is new and has never been used on a bike. Mint. £300.

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