Thursday, 29 December 2011


Vespa Paul on Chelsea bridge, more of Paul's photos coming soon.

Bens brilliant little BMXped Pucher, London.

Adam, south.

Roland's B31, France.

Oliver. Same Oliver as XS progress a few days ago.

Sjoerd, Netherlands. Tried to email you for address to send the stickers but mail just keeps being returned by the system.

Pat, Swindon. Just bought an A10 Flash and a load of engine parts from Pat, a top bloke.


Me, innit! said...

Pete, I don't know who Oliver is, but that's Huggy's U model in the pic.


weed said...

have a new email address

OJ said...

Hello Me, innit!,
I sent pete some pictures of bikes which I took at the goodwood revival this year, which I did point out. I wasn't trying to say that the bike in the pic is mine, although I wish it was!


Pete Stansfield said...

No probs boys, i guess its a bit misleading that i put the tag readers bikes. I recon we would all like Huggy's bikes !

Me, innit! said...

Please understand I wasn't attacking anyone. Just stating facts.
OK, maybe I was a little. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!