Friday, 2 December 2011


Like most people i know i always have too many bikes. I often wonder about selling the lot and just buying something very special and right now i'm about there. I have sold my Z1100R, Super Rocket, Tuono, a few parts from my "keep forever" stash, even sold my van.
Unlike other people though i like all sorts of bikes, these have all been mine over the last few years..

I still have 2 Triumphs (chop and Drag bike) which is probably one too many, and a little '52 150cc Peugeot that i havent seen for a while but apart from that all i have is a big wedge. I am that person with more money than sense but the more i think about it the less i want to spend the lot on just one vehicle.
The idea of a North Yorkshire A road life at 150mph hanging off like a bat has appeal but i just have too much self preservation (and too many points) going on nowadays.
Do i really want to go Drag Racing again?, do i want some noisy oily old tractor that will struggle to break the national speed limit? do i want a car that does 20mpg or less? do i want forced induction with more power than God ? who doesnt ?


ed said...

I used to own one good bike but having all my cash in one with soooo many more out there to have was to much for me ,now i have lots of crap bikes but each with their own character,as for the fast blast i have driven 3 of my friends sports bikes in the last while and struggled to get past 3rd gear before having to slow down for sheep or tractors so its not worth while owning one for a odd twenty second adrenelin rush.what the guys on the continent are doing with the classic endurance races seems like fun and maybe worth losing my fat belly for !

Eddie said...

That Triton looks the nuts Pete.

shovelkev said...

Hmm fast bikes twins featherbeds tick box marked Norvin!!

Pete Stansfield said...

Ed, you're right. Eddie, it did. Kev, wedge unfortunately isnt quite that big !