Saturday, 31 December 2011


Two years ago today i started Eat the Rich UK posting my only photo of my first bike, a C12 taken in 1968.
There wasnt really a game plan but somehow we are still going. The first year saw 70,000 page views according to the Google machine and we are now up to nearly 250,000 so a least i'm not talking to myself.
The Scarlett designed stickers and Ts we got this year have been a success, if you want some i'm sure you know what to do.
Thanks as always to everyone for dropping in, leaving comments and sending photos, keep them coming and i hope your New Year is a good one.

Sadly we got news last night of the death of Paddy Bentley following a road accident. A boyfriend of my eldest daughter Becca for a while he was the happiest most friendly bloke you would ever want to meet, i probably only saw him 3 or 4 times a year but he would always make a chance meeting into a full on reunion. Everyone in this town will miss him. RIP.


Me, innit! said...

Sad news. I hope the new year is more cheerful.

Moffie said...

Sad news indeed Pete; he always had a smile and a tale to tell.