Sunday, 1 January 2012


Apologies for the photo (it represents the dark and dismal New Years Day here in the UK) but this is my New Year project A10 Gold Flash Desert Racer/Flat Track/Street Scrambler. Back to real EtR with this one, hopefully on the road for an all in budget of two grand by selling the parts i dont need to finance the stuff i do. Biggest expense will be hi level two down one side pipes that will be here next week, they may be a bit bright for the functional look but an open primary should help 'em bed in. More photos soon, on a brighter day.

As promised the January Laura.


Quaffmeister said...

Looking forward to seeing this one Pete, proper man's bike an' all that.

shrew said...

Should be good if your other bikes ar anything to go by.

Can we expect February by the end of this week then? :D