Thursday, 26 January 2012


Take some anodised bolts that you dont like the colour of, a tin cup, £2 worth of Caustic Soda crystals from the local shop and some pliers.
Mix about 1 part soda to 3 parts cold water in the tin, stir it up, chuck the bolts in then fish them out with the pliers after about 3 minutes taking care not to breath the fumes. Wash them off and there you go. Tasteful bolts.
Or you can try getting it off with the polishing wheel which will take ages, burn your fingers and you will probably loose at least one bolt as it gets ripped out of your grip and spat under the bench.

Dont ask about the blue bottle.


Hawkstone said...

wot wiv da blue bottle Pete ??

andrewdavidtaylor said...

Hey Pete....Have you tried Masterchef/Junior Science "fun" with Soda Cystals, water, long steel bolt, car battery....& old crusty petrol tanks ?? Great Fun !! An acid filled "bomb" left on your workbench whilst you're out at work !!

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Great tip Pete. Will it work on rusty stuff too? I like a bit of workshop Mastercheffery too, see my dish based on a fine mixture of ATF and acetone here, ideal for seixed upo shit:

Pete Stansfield said...

Hawkstone, Its a secret.
Andrew, Are you really Richard Hammond.
Adam, Yes saw your ATF tip, No i dont think it touches rust, doesnt work on powder coating either.

andrewdavidtaylor said...

Hi fellas...."my" method (I can't take credit for inventing it !) ...but I do use it regularly & IT DOES WORK brilliantly on de-rusting. I did tank that had big flakes of rust inside....three days of "soda crystal magik & it was like new....when dried/finished lined with ethanol friendly sealer from Villiers supplys (ebay) ...never had a prob !!