Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Tucked away in a small part of my senility are a few bikes from long gone magazines and this is one of them. Bobbits A10, i do like people who dont take building customs too seriously. Nice shiny boots too.

I dug the magazine out today and found there is also an article on Jeff Murphy's Pan. Over the past couple of years people have told me about this bike, turns out i knew it all along.


shovelkev said...

That Pan was feckin quick as well I tried to keep up with it once. Custom Bike magazine that brings back good memories I like that A10 nice to see out of the box thinking a lot of formula building about at the moment

jimmy monk said...

Amen Kev.
Our bike scene was more inventive before TV bike shows.
And custom bike was definitive. I treasure the copies I have.