Saturday, 17 December 2011


The best book i read last year and this year 'cos i read it again. Bike journalist Dan Walsh did what people dream of and set off on a bike firstly to Africa and then an epic 2 year journey from Canada through the US and down through South America as far as Buenos Aires where his bike and luck ran out. He travelled without GPS, spares, maps or even a licence and just about got away with it. It's not the usual travel book, as much a story of the people he met along the way as the places he passed through.
I tracked down Dan at Rollerburn and introduced myself, he was the big guy with the girl filming the event. It wasnt a great meeting of literary minds (there was only one there for a start), i said i loved the book, he said thanks.
Read it over Christmas and wonder why you never did something like this...

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Sideburn Magazine said...

Yep, it's a beauty. Inspired me a great deal. G