Tuesday, 18 December 2012


This is the second time i've thieved a vid from Ed's splendid Fingymoto last one was a couple of years ago when he introduced us to the Horse Outside (you need to see that if you haven't already).

 The Road Warriors, 8 minutes of clips from Road Racing mostly in Ireland. Never mind the Industrial Revolution Guy, you are "the boys", proper. Like Close to the Edge without the Transit wanking. Sit close, sound on, full screen, feel sick.
 The only thing we have like this on the mainland is Olivers Mount, make a note to go next year.


Andy Morgan said...

When Guy Martin gets a win at the TT the place will erupt. Even John Mcguiness admits "the world and their dog wants Guy to win".

OILY RAG said...

bloody hell .. that made me sweat.

Nanno said...

Balls made of pure chrome-moly-steel!