Monday, 31 December 2012


Three years ago today i started Eat the Rich UK. It was New Years Eve day and i was bored, i thought i could run it for a couple of months and post some photos of bikes and cars i've built and owned over the years. Over 1,600 posts later and approaching half a million hits its time for a rest.
 I have met a lot of good people as a result and made some real friends, thanks to everybody who has visited, commented, bought T shirts and sent in photos.
I will be back with new ideas and possibly a different format sometime in 2013 but for now please keep sending in your photos. There are plenty of stickers and still some T shirts left, just ask.





Cheers and a Happy New Year, Pete


Me, innit! said...

Happy New Year Pete!
I hope to see you at some event or another.


javier said...

Good 2013 Pete Cheers from Barcelona !!!

goosegreen_63 said...

Have a good one in 2013,all the best from me ,ta very much for the insight into uk custom and stuff!!!:-)

Harters said...

Thank fuck for that!! Ha Ha

Have a great New Year Pete will drop in soon.

Moffie said...

Great pics Pete; HNY!

Capion mc said...

A big thank-you Pete for all your effort on this site, the laughs, Tuesday Tritons, the Tees, Stickers and the friends I have met from following your blog. Have a wonderful 2013.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Been a real treat mate, enjoy the break, hope to see you back at some point, a Happy and Prosperous New Year, cheers.

OILY RAG said...

a Big thankyou for the help and inspiration Pete.
Stay mostly up-right

hedrives said...

Happy New Year, Pete! Thanks for all the fun, especially Tuesday Tritons.

Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying yr Blog, sorry to see it go

As soon as the roads dry up I'll take a ride over to check out your swag

Pete, RHB


Hello Pete, all my best wishes for 2013.

Congrats for the good work.



SakeRacer said...

greetings from the balkans!!!

my best wishes for a great 2013
(i'm a lil late..i know)

and.. be back..
sooner or later!


take your time

keep up the good work

build some new ugly betty!!!