Monday, 3 December 2012


What looks like it could be a warm summers day at the seaside is Scarborough midday yesterday, 2 degrees C (35 F) . 8 girls (Ellis second right) fortified with Amaretto and Baileys hot chocolate were about to run up to their necks in the sea for charity. They go to University and pay for tuition, materials, accommodation and travelling with large student loans then have to raise the money themselves for the end of year event to showcase their work. They also raised money for a local Hospice. Family and friends held towels, coats and alcohol while the local press couldn't be arsed to show up. There was some screaming.


Guy@GK said...

Nutters. It's bad enough walking into your workshop in winter. Hope they raised lots of money.

shrew said...

Good job, I hope it went well too.

Can't enlarge the picture though!

Pete Stansfield said...

Guy, Sometimes i would rather jump in the sea than go to my workshop. I think they did OK moneywise, cake stall probably favourite now though.
Shrew, Neither can i, they dont look any warmer in an enlarged pic though.