Sunday, 31 January 2010


I built this little Suzuki Goose in 2005. A grey import with DR350 mechanicals they were renowned for superb handling but were a bit gutless. Among other things i rebuilt the motor with a 440cc piston and liner which together with a Web competition cam and a bit of a porting job on the head made for a load of fun.


Majik said...

Woah! Lovely Goose! Don't suppose you still have it, do you? I run and I'm trying to gather as much info/bits as I can to help out other Goose owners. Waht tuning did you do on the carb? Did you manage to junk that awful airbox?

Pete Stansfield said...

Sold it im afraid, as i tend to do. It was great fun and sounded mental, i just put a ram pipe on the standard carb and had it set up on a dyno. 48bhp if i remember rightly. it was on ebay about 9 months (ish) ago, didnt make a lot as i remember.

Majik said...

Interesting - I stuck a cone filter on, and the engine wouldn't rev out as the carb seemed to need still air to operate properly due to it being CV. I even played with the jetting - how far out was it when you put the ram pipe on, or did the dyno guys do everything?