Monday, 11 January 2010

T120 part 1

Most of the parts i used to build this Triumph came from a rolling project i bought from a girl in Leeds in 1991/2. Her husband had died leaving it in bits and so she had got his friends to put it together so she could sell it. She was eager to get rid as she was paranoid about someone coming and theiving it from the shed so it came quite cheap. The only thing she could tell me about it was that it had a belt drive primary, she had bought it for him for Christmas !
Just as well i stripped the motor when i got it back as it had no piston rings or cam wheels inside. Cant remember many details of the build but i do recall that everything i took to an "expert" to have done took forever. It made quite a good little chop and being my first hadtail at least made me aware of where all the manhole covers were in town....

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