Tuesday, 12 January 2010

T120 part 2

By the following summer i had done a bit more chroming, fitted a seat made from an old farm implement and found a rather splendid custard field to take photos in. My short span of attention was at its end though so i sold it to a guy from Teeside who fell off it losing a few toes in the process. I saw it again a couple of years later at the Farmyard Party looking pretty much the same with a new owner then lost touch with it.
In 2001 i was looking for a BMW boxer twin to build into a chop ( something i still havent done) and while browsing the Autotrader came accross my Triumph for sale in Hexham. It looked OK in the tiny photo but when i got there it was a bit of a mess, the owner had back problems and hadnt ridden it for a year, worse still he didnt have a garage either so the bike had been left outside over winter. Of course i bought it and as soon as i got home pulled it to bits again.......To be continued.......

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