Monday, 25 January 2010

T120 part 3

The hardtail had always looked too long so with the help of Chris we chopped a couple of inches out of it and straight away it was the best it had ever looked. I fitted a 16" front wheel to match the rear, stripped and checked the motor again and fitted the ARD mag i had picked up along the way. The pipes and seat mount were made by Vic at Destiny Cycles and were awesome. Chris also made the superb primary cover. I had to narrow down another tractor seat as the original had been taken off at sometime. The tank was off a late 50s 3TA. The whole thing was treated to satin black powdercoat and i painted the tank and rear guard with gloss.
I had found a cool Australian website called Greasy Kulture that featured my style of bike so i sent some photos and he put them up on the site. I later found that GK man Guy was English and 7 yrs later he contacted me to say he now lives 15 miles away!
Part 4 coming soon....


Blue said...

Splendid pipes!

Steve@strathbran said...

Keep it comin!!!
think I might go back to apes this year
cheers Steve