Friday, 15 January 2010


To lower my Shovel i turned the swinging arm upside down chopped the chainguard and torque arm brackets off and welded them on again in the correct place, then got it powder coated. Then i got some other shocks that i wanted to use but they are 2" shorter than the originals (which were Konis and aparently 1" longer than standard although i didnt know it at the time) are you following ? and it was WAY too low. So i chopped the brackets off re-welded them on top but further back, then got it powder coated again, sat just right. Then Flywheel Bobby got in touch to say he had an early sixties tubular type swinging arm for me; better have it. It came yesterday, it is the bollocks, well tidy, now i just need to make up some bosses to mount the shock bottoms and some chain adjusters and some spacers to fit the ends of the spindle, and get it powder coated again. You know i might just bloody paint it !

If you want to buy a box section Shovelhead swinging arm with lowered mounts, powdercoated satin black and fitted with new bearings you know where to contact me. Only stands me at about £500 so i can do a good deal !

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Glad you like it Pete!