Saturday, 8 May 2010


I got a new compact camera for Christmas (Canon Ixus) but being as i'm a chap i didnt read the instructions i just charged up the battery, put it on auto and pointed. Five months later i've got round to reading the little book, it does all sorts. Not Josh Kurpius but not as crap as before. Now where are the instructions for my phone ?


BOB'S BLOG said...

Nice pics Pete!

Rowan said...

you've lost me Pete, what are 'instructions'...??

nice pics

Pete Stansfield said...

They are what your missis has for her i phone Rowan, it was reading your post that made me dig out the book for the camera !
Cheers Bob that means a lot, if you havent done so already check out Bobs blog (Shovelheads Mmmmm on my list) for some proper photographs..

Steve@strathbran said...

Arty shots Pete, wish I knew where the destructions for my camera went!