Monday, 17 May 2010

R & R

Its 29 years since i first went to Greece as a young man with hair, sleeping in hotel gardens and on beaches, since then Ali and i have been to a dozen or so different Greek islands and tomorrow (ash permitting) we are off to Crete. Back a week on wednesday..



Chris Saddler Sam said...

ooooo...yamas yamas!


have fun man!

i'll be back home on thursday too!
(but just for some day!)

be aware of the strikes!'s is said to be held a general all-greece strike!


Pete Stansfield said...

Thanks for the info Chris, better get plenty of food and beer in when we get there then.

Chris Saddler Sam said...


for those 2 days...maybe yes!

even though i think that, there in crete, u;ll be able to find anything u want....anyday...anytime!

poor men... they all wait for the tourists, to see "a sunny day in their lives"!
i dont think they'll keep their shops closed!


Guy@GK said...

Have a great time Pete. I'm envious. Can't beat the sun, fresh homemade Mousaka and a badly played bouzouki...

Pete Stansfield said...

Ice cold Mythos, Honda C90s with noisy cans, stuffed aubergines, the smell of cat piss when it rains................