Wednesday, 26 May 2010


In 1979 i was working from a unit at the rear of a garage in town doing car bodywork (badly) and every lunchtime half a dozen of us went to the Buckrose Vaults pub for lunch comprising of a pint or two of Tetleys, game of pool, burger and chips and some sounds on the juke box. Inquisitive as to what was on the B side of The Skids "Into the Valley" i put it on, then put it on again, and again. It got to the stage the barman and local drinkers (it was that sort of pub) would greet me with "Tetleys ? and if you put that fucking record on again yer barred". It didn't work.
In the 80s Skids front man Stuart Adamson formed Big Country another of my favourite bands of the time but sadly comitted suicide in 2001. The Buckrose Vaults also is no more having been shutdown in the 80s by the brewery as unprofitable and thankfully i no longer have anything to do with car paintwork.

Photo shows the Skids in 1978, but they did a final gig this year in Scotland led by original member Richard Jobson and they are still playing Albert Tatlock as it became known.

So lunchtime drinkers everywhere turn up the jukebox, here's
TV Stars and for the purists here is
the original version
Im off for a game of space invaders.

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Guy@GK said...

I'd forgotten about that song! Still have the single – on white vinyl! Saw R Jobson in London once, he's about 4 ft tall.

Welcome back.