Friday, 28 May 2010


I have only made the final at a Straightliners meeting twice in 9.1/9.3 class and each time i have lost to Will Smith. No surprise really as he always makes the final and usually wins. In his youth Will made a name for himself in Edinburgh by wheelying his CBX Honda 6 the length of Princess street on a saturday afternoon to entertain the shoppers but now sticks to sensible pastimes like racing his modified ZX12R on Nitrous, lots of Nitrous (its hard to get in Scotland so he buys in bulk). Despite being a regular class winner his bike is probably one of very few that does get used on the road.

Elvington is about 20 miles away from me whereas it is a 400 mile round trip for Will, and it is his most local track ! All round top bloke.

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indianscot said...

I remember nutters on CBX's on Princes street. Think there were two of them. One madder than the other. Those were the days.