Monday, 22 November 2010


Silver Machine, British mag from 1989-90. Issues 1 to 10 (all they ever did before selling to BSH) minus issue 6. Nice mag definitely collectable. £18. UPDATE issue 6 found, even more collectable now ..SOLD TO SOMEONE VERY FAMOUS.

Kopteri ( Finland) 7 issues from 2009/10. £10. SOLD

Big Twin (Netherlands) 15 issues from 2009/10. £20. SOLD

All plus post.


23bricks said...

I will have the finnish ones - as per comment on below post!

Pete Stansfield said...

Good man theres some really mad things in them. I have sent you e mail

Stuka said...

I'll take the big twins please Pete..!

Pete Stansfield said...

No probs, down to you. send me an email and we can sort it out.