Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Always a concern when running a dry primary is that the central bearings in the clutch hub dont get any splash lube and rely totally on the grease you put in them when assembling. As the grease gets hot centrifugal force means that eventually it will all disappear.
I have heard people using bike chain lube then i was offered this to try, its made by Wurth and certainly looks like it could do the trick. I put some standard grease in the hub to start with then assembled the rollers before filling them with this, its super sticky and when sprayed on fingers is just about impossible to wipe off with a rag.

I'll tell you if it works next year.....


SUMO said...

i use that on cables, sticks like shit to a blanket doesnt it.... carb cleaner nearly gets it off your hands

Pete Stansfield said...

Sounds like it should do the job then, cheers Sumo.