Monday, 1 November 2010


Because i cant leave anything alone i made a start on the XS this morning, the strange exhausts are going and Will is making up some others using old Triumph TT pipes and the original reverse cone meggas. There seemed to be a lot of wiring for a bike that only has an ignition so i stripped off the loom covers and got rid of what wasnt in use and shortened what was, as you can see that was most of it.

Tank and seat are ready to be rubbed down for painting, a visit to Halfords later this week should sort that out.

Not that any of this is really necessary, its just an inbuilt need to alter everything i have to make it mine.


Dutch said...

Whoa ! dig the mods but why would you paint over the iconic King Kenny Yamaha livery????

Pete Stansfield said...

Its going to be iconic Price Pete livery !

Steve@funkyflipflop said...

Haha...nice pete, lovin your style..Kenny who???

Dutch said...

lol..either way it will kick ass. looking forward to the result