Monday, 22 November 2010


In 2004 a group of folk organised a Rally for Historic cars based on the old time RAC rally of GB with stages in the forests of North Yorkshire, Cumbria and South West Scotland. Because of the expense of competing on such an event entries were a bit sparse for the first couple of years but now it has taken off properly with entries from UK, Belgium, France and Spain and is possibly the biggest rally in the UK (in terms of spectators at least). It takes place this weekend and if you are anywhere near the North of England you should be out there freezing your bollocks off in a remote forest or at Olivers Mount racing Circuit on Saturday morning..

Old cars being gently driven in a manner befitting their value..

There is a real good little film of 2006 event, part 1 here, try part 2 also.
Details entries and stage times

What else are you going to do on a cold weekend in November?

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