Sunday, 28 August 2011


Bec and James took me to watch Rhinos play Warriors in the Challenge cup final yesterday. Top breakfast at the Ace cafe then to Wembley for warm fizzy piss at £4.50 a pint.

Bottom photo for all non pie fans..


Hugo said...

I'll tell you what... I work 500mts from the Ace and I rather eat the grass from across the road that grows with all the exhaust nutrients of a very busy North Circular. Why do you think there's always an ambulance parked in the back?? ;)

Tibbs said...

Love the pic of the ground Pete, ya lucky sod would love to have gone to that.

Pete Stansfield said...

Huguilena.. Tasted good to us, certainly looked a whole lot better than the shite they were serving inside Wembley, maybe should have tried the grass..
Tibbs.. It was immense, i thought at first we were a bit high up but the view is superb. If we'd won it would have been even better !