Monday, 22 August 2011


Had a ride over to Elvington yesterday afternoon to watch the Straightliners top speed and wheelie record boys. Main attraction was Patrick Furstenhoff (the original Ghostrider) attempting to beat his pop up wheelie record of 216mph but apparently his motor had melted on Saturday.
Another big attraction was the Y2k Allison aero jet powered bike, a sort of sports bike version of a Boss Hoss (Jay Leno has one (natch)), it finally recorded 195mph over the flying kilometer, beaten by quickest girl Becci Ellis on a Hayabusa ! Fastest speed was as usual Jack Frost of Holeshot Racing at 244mph.

Even more impressive though are the wheelie record boys, every year the speeds get higher and more unbelievable. This shot (Nicked from streetfighters blog) is Shane Egan last years winner at 181mph. This year despite the breeze six riders went faster, top dog being Baz Brittain at 191.7 ! This is not a pop up wheelie, competitiors must do the full flying kilo with the front wheel off the deck. Now even if you could do this just imagine that after over a klick without contact with the ground the front wheel isn't rotating very fast, you are doing 190mph and you have to put it down....

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