Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Having put the bike together for the Hayride Drags i went to sign on on the Friday night to find the event was for road legal vehicles with MOT and treaded tyres. I had a chat with the organising guys from Detonators club and they straight away vaived all these rules so i could compete !
After getting up hideously early to be at the venue for 9.30am the bike seemed to have developed a misfire to the point of running only on the right hand cylinder. Coaxed it into some form of life but the mag was also filling with oil big time and it was a pig to start and keep running. The gearbox still moves backwards tightening the primary chain way too much so i really just did what was necessary to get through to the final without any heroics.
Gary's racing Gold Star is well sorted and i needed a stroke of luck to beat him. My lady luck sticker is still in a tin at work though, i gave it way more than usual off the line and spun hopelessly as he dissapeared off up the strip, very nearly caught him but no ceegar.

Big thanks to the Detonators for organising such a good day on the smoothest airfield strip i have ever been on, maybe next year more people will be up for a go.
Quality photos by
Peter Allan, Guy,Blue and Rowan.


Moffie said...

just love that starter shot pete

Pete Stansfield said...

Classic isn't it.