Monday, 8 August 2011


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toddy said...

Manzano! is that Phil manzano? I had a Z1000
motor with manzano cams in it once.

Also had a Z900 motor with a Druin supercharger
kit on it too, and just for good measure i had two fully kitted yoshimura Z100 motors.
Where are they now? why didnt i keep em?
i coulda been rich... Aaagh the pain of memories. Mind you i chucked out a 45 motor for the rag n bone man too...If only i knew. eh.

Pete Stansfield said...

Ha ha, yes Phil Manzano, not much left of that motor by the look of it. Sold a Z1000 motor with a blower to someone from Leeds about three years ago and a brand new APE 1425 block n pistons around the same time, now i have a nice Z and could do with them both, always the way. Never thrown a 45 motor away though, you are on your own there !!

toddy said...

Well the pistons where seized and the heads where missing and it was the late 70s/ early 80s
when they where ten a penny. Still hurts when i think back though..

Sideburn Magazine said...

my favorite track (used to be my local too). for a flat country, its nice swoopy ride through the dunes.