Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Our local Hotrod club has a membership of one, Mike. He owned the 302 powered '39 Coupe in the top pic up to about 10 yrs ago and has been building a Zephyr since the birth of Christ. Every few years he has a rush of blood to the head and rests a spanner or two on it, hopefully this may stir him into action.
Mike's words: "the Zodiac's been back-halved with a narrowed 4-linked 9" axle on coil overs and 12x15 Centerlines. The front suspension consists of Gaz adjustable platform struts in purpose-built towers, Cossie Granada hubs, calipers and discs, Sierra TCAs with triangulated compression struts, a Capri rack and cross-member, a Sierra 4x4 steering column and 4x15 Centerlines. It's now got a re-built 302ci Ford with Canfield ally heads, a Comp Cams camshaft, Holley 600cfm carb and a new TCI 'box. It'll be returned to its original two-tone grey with all the chromework reinstated, bench seats etc so it looks fairly stock. Needs plumbing, wiring and paint. Supposed to be going to the bodyshop at the back end of the year, like I've said for the last 4 years...."

Although the sole member he does have two cars, just shows what an enthusiastic club it is, remember the Escort ?

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