Tuesday, 7 February 2012


No better place to start than Jack Nuttall's Old Blu'.

Bugger, what did i do ?


23bricks said...

that reversed head bike you did was one of my favourite british bikes...
but now, on reflection, you are an animal.

Guy@GK said...

Very cool... in both incarnations.

Blue said...

It's heresy, but I love your incarnation far more. Mainly because it didn't have a huge brown seat.

Charliefarley said...

Nicest bike ever built. Ever. Ever ever.

philonwheels said...

I'll have you know that's nothing like a huge brown seat! If you rummage through photos from the era you'll see just what I mean - some folk should never have been let loose with their mum's sewing machine, a block of sponge rubber and fifteen yards of brown leatherette. In any case, Mrs Nuttall liked to ride pillion, so I'll hear no more about it!

Filmplop said...

I discovered this blog earlier today and rather than working, I spent my 9hr shift going back through the old entries. It's bloody ace! Well written, amusing and occasionally instructive. Well, to those of us who don't know one end of a cylinder to the other at least!

Keep up the good work! Some stunning pics of lovely bikes that put my two horrid rust-heaps to shame!

*Goes off to find the 'subscribe' button*

Pete Stansfield said...

Rensh. Hopefully not a squirrel.
Guy. Very true.
Blue. Ta, so do i.
Charlie. You mean mine of course.
Phil. Unfortunately it is a huge brown seat.
Filmplop. Thanks very much, is there really 9 hours worth ? "Occasionally instructive" need to put a stop to that.