Friday, 10 February 2012


John Warrington's here in Malton is the place for big horsepower motorcycles, he builds engines, sets them up and sorts them out....and if you bring your bike here it is he who does it, there's no staff no tea boy even, just the worlds hardest working bloke. He can and will do anything from developing your turbo Hayabusa to straightening a bent Triumph chopper frame (he has done both for me). He permanently has a several month backlog of work for loyal customers so i'm not giving out his phone number, if you need him you will know him.
His tiny workshop is a cave with no windows and the dyno room backs on to a supermarket car park where shoppers can hear strapped down bikes running at close on 200mph just a few feet from their Nissan Micra, hopefully they dont know that.

The 1500cc Z1000 in a Spondon frame was making 170+ bhp when i was there with more to come.
....and he is building himself a ZX12 engined chopper if he ever gets time.


Sideburn Magazine said...

That's the black Racefit Spondon Kwak. Well, former Racefit, they sold it. G

Pete Stansfield said...

Its not the one that was at Sideburn Gary, the guy who owns this has had it for a few years now.