Monday, 20 February 2012


4" x 18" drag slicks havent been available for many years but you can now get 'em new in the UK from Dick at Barons Speed Shop
I still have a pair of new original Avon and an M&H slicks to go at but being over 30 yrs old they are like bakelite. Been reading up about softening old rubber and Turpentine seems to be usual way to go, anyone got any tips ?


ed said...

bakelite & turpentine you,re showing your age dude !!!

toddy said...

Boil them in water, it works on O rings, Mind you ya gonna need a bigger kettle.. ha ha.

Sideburn Magazine said...

You used to be able to buy (in Europe at least) 1/2 liter bottles of trichloroethelene from any hardware store or DIY centre. That was The stuff. It's basically like industrial nail varnish remover. But now its been deemed cancerous & banned. You could try acetone (used when making stuff in fibreglass). Do Not soak the tyres in this evil chemical, just wipe down the contact area.

bassen69 said...

very hot water and hand soap, the soap dos youre hands soft and rubber also, it works on all soft types rubber and if the rubber isnt rudded it will be nice and fine again, wash it with hand soap from time to time and you have youre rubber much longer lookin nice and being soft. skrub with a nail skrubber to remove old dirt in the surface.. greats from denmark