Saturday, 11 February 2012


Brian Matthews played Humble Pie on the radio this morning, i rarely listen to Radio 2 but when i am out in the van and the CD's jammed i dont have much choice. After nearly a week of headaches and more snot than Neil in the Young Ones (Sick) it was uplifting. 1973, loon pants, sideburns and a BSA permanently in bits.
It also occurred that 50 yrs ago as a little lad i would have been listening to Brian Matthews on Saturday morning radio at home, i guess 1961 would have meant The Shadows and Frankie Vaughan while we patiently waited for everything to kick off in 1963.
Just how old is Brian Matthews anyway ?


andrewdavidtaylor said...

Mr Matthews is 83 Pete !! Feel no shame at listening to Radio 2, it's got through me many a workshop Saturday & weekday evening...generally all good, interesting "docu's"....although I have to draw the line at Jamie Cullum's Jazz Bilge....a bit out there for my liking !!

Pete Stansfield said...

At the announcer said after the news its Grahan i unblocked my CD player sharpish !

andrewdavidtaylor said...

Ok, you got me on that one Pete...Graham Norton as DJ entertainment does taint the workshop enjoyment somewhat !! But if you're under a motor on a crawler with a gearbox on your chest, it's tricky to turn him off !!