Monday, 8 October 2012


If you read Guy's blog you may remember this post last month about Dave, his Bantam and their epic voyage to the Trip Out.
The little stinkwheel now has some EtR stickers ...

"here's some snaps of my first bike (with engine)...a '57 Bantam the bug badly and had to do something about it...didn't have the bottle for crime and/or prostitution, so a decrepit Bantam it had to be...that was arse-end of last year...been merrily fiddlin', fettlin', fuckin' it up then fixin' it again ever since...figuring it out...somehow passed my motorbike test having had no lessons (legal ones anyhows) in May, got the bike re-registered same month and got it through it's fist mot in 30 odd years a couple of months ago...been riding it/breaking down ever since...fuckin' love it...even though the thought of a faster, meaner, older (?!) bike still keeps me up at night and day-dreaming throughout the day...the small red machine keeps me happy for now..."

Also check out Dave's blog Happy Going Nowhere where you will read about more heroic exploits.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Yes mate, his story of getting to the gig was outrageously funny and the very essence of what 'it' is all about, couldn't believe some yabby wrote in poo-pooing it . . . if it's going to take a photo to get me some stickies to go with the now slightly holed tee, then so be it, it's not old, nor 'built' but may pass your scrutineering . . .

dave said...

the l'il shithouse is very happy with her new stickers, cheers Pete.
(they're probably holding various vital parts together to be honest...EtR fixings co. !)
over & ouch