Wednesday, 24 October 2012


A while back i had a phase of Blog tedium, i mentioned it to a few people at the Trip Out, they were very supportive and said the show should go on. When i went on holiday last month i asked for a bit of reader input and the response was so good i had only just got through it all when Keith sent me photos of his Thunderbird in the early '70s. Being given the privilege of posting previously unpublished photos from over 40 years ago makes this whole thing worthwhile.

  Keith was an early Chopper Club member and the photos of the Triumph in red are from 1972 when it was first built. A collision with a Mini wrote off the front end and the bike was then rebuilt and painted green. He finally sold it via MCS in Leytonstone and it was last heard of in Whitehaven in 1983.
 Blog faith restored (for now), thanks Keith. let me have it !


Guy@GK said...

Its red incarnation is fantastic... reminds me of the bikes I used to see as a kid at the Custom Car shows at Olympia.

Quaffmeister said...

Nice, definitely show quality of the time.........wouldn't do bad now.

Keep ya chin up Pete ;)

WhitelinePsycho said...

Pioneering shit completely, as Quaffman intimated, in some ways, the 'style' of UK chops from that period is probably more relevant now than even at inception, given the aesthetic divergence from the US of the time, especially west coast. Keep it coming mate, loving it.