Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Whitby will be a riot of colour and laughter...some other time. This weekend is for the best of Europe's Goths and Steampunks to posture and impress. Pale bosoms and polished brass cruise the pavement while grey bachelors with Leicas rush about with the excitement of a '70s DJ at his first ToTP. Hit the Goth tag at the bottom of the post to see what you've been missing. It's on Friday to Sunday with the Whitby Kustom show also on Saturday at West Cliff primary School.

Rufforth Autojumble Saturday morning, starts when it gets light ends about midday. I will be there selling quality pre-owned spares and listening to other stall holders moaning about how t'internet has killed everything and how shit t'weather is. Hope for Vincent basket cases, then be disappointed and make do with some hand cleaner and a limp bacon sandwich.
On Sunday at Elsecar, Barnsley is National Street Rods' Northern Swap Meet (i suspect it is probably an Autojumble), only happens once a year so best get down and pick up yet another project to sell on eBay for a loss in January. Details here

Sunday also sees the Malton Forest Rally taking place in the Langdale and Cropton complexes. Three WRCs head the main event while the far more popular Historic section is led by local hero Steve Bannister. All the info


TC said...

All that on the doorstep, and the missis has a weekend in a cottage in Scotland on the cards for me.... Sure she wasn't Pre-warned...??

Capion mc said...

It all happens up t'north! La vie might be plus belle, when it's not raining :( way down in the sarf of France. but all the fun is in Yorkshire!I hope you find a Black Shadow in a basket!