Monday, 15 October 2012


Somethings got to go so it may as well be the most reliable and easy to ride Triumph i've ever owned ! I have done well over 2,000 miles on it this year without any problems other than things falling off that i should have checked but didn't.
 Basically its a '52 rigid 5T/6T frame with all the original lugs and brackets, the sprung hub works perfectly, Thunderbird big bearing motor with balanced crank, 3134 cams, Morgo oil pump, 9 stud 700cc barrels (A65 pistons i am told but i haven't had it apart to check), Amal Concentrics, recon BTH mag and the rest you can see in the photos.
 It is registered as 1959 (Historic vehicle) six digit non-trans number. Taxed and MOT until next spring.
 It smokes a little on the over-run due to a bit of wear in the exhaust guides but it has done it all year and is no worse now that it was in April when i got it. The front wheel needs aligning a bit, again it always has and unless you start trying to be famous it's not an issue.
 £4,500 to save you asking or if there is no interest by the start of next week i will probably split it up, let me know if there's anything you fancy.
 If broken all parts will be available except gearbox and oil tank both needed for the upcoming Old Blart revival.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Thought that might've been coming, it's one cool jigger mate, love the commitment to breaking it up rather than prostituting it and yourself for the sake of some cheapskate knob who won't pay real money. Stickies arrived today Pete, big ups, they will be put to good use. Good luck.

Pete Stansfield said...

The more i look at it the more i am thinking i need to break it, there are so many little parts i'd like to keep.

Craig said...

Cheapskate knob here..

Would be interested in the frame if you'd do a px on the one you sold me. I'd like to keep my rear end though if poss... maybe the tank, chain cases and pipes too... found a gearbox at the weekend - remind me to tell you about it.