Thursday, 11 October 2012


 Bought a bike trailer today, "want to see my new Velocette ?" he says, takes me past the garage and into the house and there it is, special framed 500 KSS with KTT internals, i know nothing about Velo's but it looked the business and there were no drips on the carpet.
 Bought a Slabby on Tuesday, there was a 'Busa on the lawn, a GSXR1000 in the hall, two Slingshot 1100s in bits in the sitting room....i must've looked surprised, that's nowt said his girlfriend "we have a drag bike upstairs next to the bed", and they had. Mind you it was in Hull.
Bought a chop a few years ago in Castleford and the guy took me into his tiny house where his A10 cafe racer has been behind the settee for over 40 years, the engine was in bits next to the open coal fire. It was before i had an i phone, Blog or instagram so you will have to use your imagination. He wore cowboy boots and a stetson. Wild West Yorkshire.

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Sleep with bike, seems totaly normal :)
We never know with robbers !