Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A year ago when i was having trouble with my Chop not scavenging correctly i asked if anyone knew how much oil should be in the engine after it has been run. Plenty of internet experts knew what they had read on the various forums (mostly copied from other forums) but no one could tell me from their experience in the real world.
Yesterday i did a controlled experiment with both my 650s. Although one is Pre-Unit and the other Unit they should hold pretty much the same amount though the Pre-Unit does have a little sump and plate whereas the Unit just has a drain bolt. Both run 20/50 Mineral oil with a remote oil filter in the return and both have Morgo plunger pumps. I warmed each engine, rode for 5 miles, left the bike for 5 minutes after switching off and then drained the oil. Pre-Unit 160cc, Unit 120cc.
When i had the problems of the bike blowing oil out of the breather last year i found many people had similar trouble but without these figures it is difficult to know where the problem lies.
So there you are.


YZ400BEN said...

Try fitting a standard pump-those Morgo pumps are higher pressure and will squirt oil out of any weak point. And stop swithing off-you'll go blind.

Pete Stansfield said...

I thrive on pressure and i am blind.

Guy@GK said...

My Panhead leaks 160cc of oil at every set of lights.

OILY RAG said...

were you at dirtquake?
if you were, i know your bike and i was dead impressed.
i had problems getting close to it as the people in white overalls were buisy trying to catch the seagulls from undernieth and scrub them clean.

Guy@GK said...

Oily Rag, no... I wasn't.