Sunday, 8 July 2012


 Dragstalgia, Santa Pod, 14th and 15th. Last year was wet, this year will be glorious. All the details here

Dont really know much about this but saw it on Chris' blog, could be a good weekend combined with a visit to the Pod.

The 8th Hot Rod Hayride, Brookwood, Surrey. 27th to 29th. Better than the Olympics, possibly better than anything else the UK has to offer and it never rains. Nobody ever just goes once so get a ticket, it could be a sellout. I will be with Guy on the GKM stall selling mags stickers and Ts and who knows what else. Some things you can live without, this isn't one of them...

UPDATE. Looks like the Vintage Festival may be cancelled, read this now you know as much as me !

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