Wednesday, 11 July 2012


 New limb on the bench. Its a '54 Speed Twin with about 4" quite tidily put into the bottom rails and other tubes massaged accordingly. The bike it came wrapped around was such a strange shape with a sprung hub fitted upside down and 6" over tubes i hadn't realised it had been chopped. Looking for a set of short  girders to get things underway.

 Finally got a few hours to check this old girl over since France, one exhaust and one inlet stub loose again, tappets OK, altered the carb mixture slightly, took off the touring tank (see my Ebay sales if you are after an original T'bird 4 galloner) and fitted this little peanut ive had for a few years. Dug deep and mounted that dreadful Bates rep seat once more and took it for a spin, then it pissed down again.

In for breaking, '94 GSXR1100WP. As with all undressed WP's its monkeys arse ugly but has plenty of good parts and/or will scare you shitless if youre quick enough to get here before i get it next to the toolbox.


TC said...

that's a neat little job on the stretch - just goes to show that not all chops have been butchered!

WhitelinePsycho said...

As TC said, can only await the upcoming processes of rebirth with much antici . . . pation.

Hugo said...

Are you, by any chance, trying to build a better bike than ours??

Pete Stansfield said...

Hugo if i can get anwhere near your standards i will be very happy !