Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I sat and looked at it, a lot. Perfect chopper Benny said, UK's best Triumph chopper Guy said, but they were wrong, there are things that i just don't like about it. If you build bikes you will most likely feel the same way sometimes. I have never stripped and altered a bike i have built before, i just sell them when i am fed up and move on to something else. I have been collecting parts for a new Triumph but to be honest it will never be quite as good as this, it isn't perfect and it isn't the best......but it will be. I fitted a ribbed rear guard slightly wider than the stainless one that was on before and moved the sissy bar back a touch, happier already.
So now i have a modified '54 rigid frame, Pre-Unit 650 motor with 9 stud top end, Norton model 18 Girders and a '54 Thunderbird Log book to sell. If you have a fancy i can deliver to the Hayride Friday.
Forget that, keeping the frame, you know me once ive made up my mind........


23bricks said...


cut it

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

I wish I could have your unsentimental attitude.