Wednesday, 25 July 2012


" Hi, i believe you have an old American car for sale"
"Yes its a 1930s Dodge racing car but its a bit of a wreck, come over and have a look if you like"
Its only 20 miles away, i'm on the bike and there within the hour................................
Is it 1930s ? no. Was it a racing car ? no. Is it a Dodge ? who knows ? is it a wreck ? bet your bloody life its a wreck. If you want it i can give you the details but you wont be going to the Hayride in it, ever.


Tom said...

You gotta give us a laugh though and tell us what he wanted for it, whatever the f"%ck it is????

Pete Stansfield said...

£250 Tom which isn't much but it is just scrap, really, the photos make it look a lot better than it is. The chassis has all been plated before and even the repairs have rotted away. I recon there is an axle, a nice little grille and 4 wheels, thats your lot.
The guy actually imported it from the States 7 yrs ago !

Tom said...

I didn't laugh as hard as I expected to. I thought it was gonna be so rare that it had to be at least a grand or two! Very much one for the enthusiast who has a clue what it is!!

Catch you tomorrow!!!