Thursday, 19 July 2012


A couple of weeks ago i stayed the night with Scarlett and Tim in Folkestone and took the liberty of getting a few pics of their amazing house before a wet 250 miles up the motorway. I shouldn't really have expected any less from musicians, artists, part time motorcycle mechanics and all round great people. Their place is a little museum of cool old stuff, i've not shown you the purple chaise longue, the juke box, vintage bicycles in the bathroom, seven foot home made Tiki figures and more guitars than a music shop.
 If you have only come to EtR recently you may not know that Scarlett designed my T shirts and stickers, if you want similar you need to be clicking here
Thanks to you both, see you next weekend.

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Scarlett said...

Sneaky reconnaissance photos! ha ha - great to see you, catch ya next weekend x