Wednesday, 18 May 2011


A short story in which i am a tit and a day gets wasted.

Since i "finished" my chop i decided it needed a tall sissy bar despite having always envisaged it without one. First i got Benny to make me one to my design and measurements, it is spot on but looks too wide at the bottom with the skinny tyre so rather than alter it i got some bar and designed another using some 1" ball bearings on top like the one on my T shirt design. Will welded it up and made a top job as usual then he welded it to the existing bar/mudguard bracket that was on the bike to start with, it looked great, then i put it on the bike and it looked dreadful. I bent it back a little at the top but not much better, then cut about 6" off and welded the balls back on crossed over at the top, looked pretty neat (for my welding) but still looked crap on the bike. So at about 4.30 this afternoon i cut it off altogether.
Yes the engine's all up and running again and it still wet sumps, very gradually but the longer it is running the worse it gets. For about 10 minutes it is fine then starts blowing oil out again. Next step is to get hold of a vacum gauge and see what sort of reading we get there i recon, although actually the next step is to go on holiday and leave the thing to consider its future.


23bricks said...

I think you'd best get a harley

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

Or a Guzzi

Pete Stansfield said...

I have an Aprilia, just been out for a blast to restore some sanity.