Saturday, 14 May 2011


A bizarre event took place this afternoon when a man and woman partially dismantled a motor cycle in a lay by at Scotch Corner before putting it in the back of a maroon Ford Focus car and heading north leaving a scruffy smaller man with a hat holding a pair of dusty wheels, if anyone has any information or witnessed the incident Newcastle Police have advised them to say nowt.

For an alternative version of events see Fumes and Gears in my blog list.


Robbie said...

hahahhahaa ,tell ya what ,it was awkward gettin the bugger out on my own without your bulging biceps Pete..stil,its out now and has been caressed by mr angle grinder already...brat style here we come,never did a 500/4 for donkeys yrs

Robbie said...

ooops,what i wanted to say was,nice to meet you Pete

ed said...

that man has the hunger i think i might have lost that ,fair play to him,,,,,,,,

Pete Stansfield said...

Good to meet you too Mr and Mrs Robbie, embarrased to say i havent even taken the wheels out of the van yet..

Unknown said...

Interesting way to move a machine. Looks like he just grabbed it by the triples and pulled it apart, looks like he could do it, anyway. I'll check the list for the blog this goes to... I love a good honda build.

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