Wednesday, 4 May 2011


In 1968 i went to Corbie (Nr Amiens) in Northern France for a month as part of a student exchange scheme. I wasn't too happy for the first week but once i had made friends with the local lads and a girl i didnt want to leave. I smoked Gauloise, rode Solex mopeds and had hot chocolate for breakfast but didn't learn much French.
Jumping Jack Flash was the sound of the moment. Here's an out of synch Mick in '68 sounding good and looking like Mick and not a caricature of Mick.

You may not bother to watch it but i will and wonder why i never replied to Odette's letters. She wore a yellow T shirt and her mother had a hairdressing salon, if you live in Corbie and that rings a bell go and tell her i am sorry.

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