Saturday, 7 May 2011


1) Weeksy built this tidy Triumph a few years ago and it re-appeared at last years Hayride on the dirt oval.
2) He is building a custom A10 with no wheels.
3) I owe him 28 cups of tea.
4) Top bloke.


Robbie said...

how does it move then?,some sort of device negating gravity?,electromagnetism?,Ive met Paul,top bloke and a good builder,looking forward to seeing the bsa

YZ400BEN said...

Ole Steve Hilary of the Red Max Speedshop has that at his shop near Andover now-t'was his squeeze Rachel riding it at the Hayride last year-Stevo was on his XR750 he rides in the Thunderbike Flattrack series. All round Top Fella. Go see some flat track!! Go Sideburn!!

Rob said...

he painted it to man i was there

Pete Stansfield said...

Yes Rob thats
5)Good painter.

Rob said...

cheers man